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Area Rugs

Save up to 50% off Choose from over 30,000 area rugs



An area rug is like having the best of both worlds. Meaning, you can enjoy the beauty of having beautiful hardwood floors with the comfort and visual accent of carpeting. 

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With tens of thousands of styles from which to choose, our inspiration gallery is the perfect way to envision different area rug styles, colors and patterns in your room.


Care & Maintenance

Get tips from the TUF Flooring experts on how to properly care for, clean and maintain your new area rugs to keep them looking new for many years to come.



Get tips from the TUF Flooring experts on What is rugs pads and What are rug pad for.

Fall In Love With Your New Area Rug

Tuf flooring offers a lot of styles

It’s a win - win flooring option but with so many fantastic options to choose from in terms of style, size, material, color and more; the possibilities are endless!

Advantages of Area Rugs

Easy to Move - Area rugs can be rolled up, stored, and can even move homes with you. If you are renting a home, an area rug is a great way to personalize the space without investing lots of money or making permanent changes to the space.

  • Versatility - Area rugs can be subtle or bold, soft and delicate or thick and plush. Rugs come in a myriad of materials such as wool, silk, cotton, natural fibers and many synthetic options. There as so many factors to play around with and have fun with - the style, texture, size, placement, color, pattern and more.
  • The Right Price – Area rugs come in a range of prices – from expensive for budget friendly. It’s very possible to find the perfect area rug for your space that won’t break the bank!
  • Easy Maintenance - Cleaning an area rug can be as simple as washing and drying, although some types require more specialized cleaning methods. In general, it is significantly less expensive to clean an area rug than a broadloom carpet.
  • Installation - What installation? There is none! What could be easier? Just place it on the floor, unroll and you are done.
  • Not Permanent - If you are not ready to commit to a permanent look or simply prefer to have the option to frequently swap in different styles when your mood or taste changes, then an area rug is the way to go.

Good to Know

Area rugs are a flexible, affordable and stylish option but there are a couple of points to consider before deciding that an area rug is the solution to your flooring needs. Think about the following before purchasing:

Area Rugs Can Slip & Slide - Rugs can shift out of place which can be irritating. To minimize this you can select an area rug that has anti-slip rubber backings or a round rug that has thick stitched edges.

Only Partial Floor Coverage & Protection

A rug only protects what it covers. The rest of the floor is left exposed to fend for itself against pets, kids, spills, scratches, sunlight, and who knows what else. The rest of the floor, in addition to the rug, will need to be cleaned regularly which could double up on your cleaning time.

The same goes with hiding imperfections. The rug will only hide what it covers. If your floor is not in overall great shape or has imperfections spread throughout rather than in one concentrated area, then consider covering it with a broadloom carpet rather than with a rug.

Careful of Tripping Hazards

Rugs can becoming a tripping hazard if one corner or edge gets out of line.

To avoid accidents, for hallways and other area where there is heavy foot traffic, make sure that any rug you choose has an anti-slip backing so it will stay in its place.

When it Comes to Area Rugs, Size Matters

When placing an area rug in a living room or family room the following tips can help you maximize the space.

  • Make sure that the area rug you select is large enough to fit under the main pieces of furniture. It can appear awkward when, say in a seating arrangement, some of the chairs are on the rug while others are not. Similarly, it can create uncomfortable imbalances when either the front or back legs are not on the rug. Measuring the area as well as considering your furniture arrangements before buying a rug is always a smart idea.


  • If the room you are decorating is very large it is not necessary to get a huge area rug. Instead, you can divide the room into separate sections and choose an area rug for each smaller area. To create a sense of unity, the rugs should share similarities in terms of the color, design or style. Dividing up a large room in this way can make it feel more intimate and cozy.

General Care & Maintenance for Area Rugs

Providing a little TLC when it comes to the upkeep of your area rugs is easy once you have incorporated these tips to your general cleaning routine. Our TUF Flooring experts have provided a list of general guidelines to help you take care of your new area rugs.


Vacuuming with a beater bar( brush) is not recommended as the setting can be too abrasive. Threads & fibers can be easily pulled out and cause fuzzing on the surface of the rug.

Upright or canister vacuums with a hand held attachment is the preferred option when it comes to general upkeep of your area rugs.

Do not vacuum tassels/fringes as this will cause fraying and disintegration of the fibers.

Once vacuuming is complete, be sure to check the bag or canister to see how many fibers it contains. It’s natural for rugs to lightly shed however, if you find there’s a large amount of fibers in your canister or bag, that means your vacuum is too powerful and you should avoid using it in future.

Spot Cleaning 

Spills are inevitable and form part of any household. Try blotting spills straight away with a clean white cloth and avoid rubbing the spill as this will cause a bigger, deeper stain.

Avoid using a hefty amount of water on your rugs as this will cause the dyes to bleed. Always use a small amount of water, just enough to dampen the area.

For those tougher stains, you can mix a little water with a manufacturers approved stain removal solution and carefully blot the stained area with a clean, white wash cloth.

Carefully scoop up any debris or dry materials with a spoon or a non- sharp object.

For additional maintenance, it is recommended to take your rugs for a deep clean at a trusted, reputable cleaner at least once or twice a year.

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